Why do we use sunflower seeds to make our mince? Is it that they are easily grown in Europe and provide fields of natural beauty and homes for birds, insects and bees?  Or is it because we can use the husks from the sunflower seeds to provide bio-thermal energy for a small group of houses?  Or that Fabian and Oliver our co-founders and their families had a vision for the protein and fibre that was left over after pressing  sunflower oil could be used as a meat alternative?  



Sunflower family was born out of a vision to create a plant protein that was tasty, meaty and satisfying for both vegan, plant-based and meat-eaters. And sustainable.  Made from one single ingredient.  And high in protein, fibre and nutrition.  Gluten-free and soya-free.  Making it possibly the only non-grain and non-legume/pulse based vegan meat alternative made from one single natural ingredient.  This means it is not only a meat-alternative but a protein alternative to increase protein variety of vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters.

Our vision is to provide a sustainable protein alternative for people who want to eat a tasty free-from, tasty mince that the whole family can enjoy.  And meaty enough so that meat-eaters 'may not even notice the difference'.

We supply Sunflower Family mince throughout UK and Ireland - Please contact us for more details.