In just a few weeks from right now, you could be mastering your healthy eating menu plan.  Organising your meals.  With a shopping list designed to help you reach your goals.  And a plan that’s doable for you personally. 

Do you ever feel stuck with when planning meals?  Do you ever want step-by-step help to create a clear compelling goals for tasty delicious and healthy mealtimes that work for you personally? Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the thought of organising weekly meals?The shopping, the sorting out the fridge the cooking.  And then feel guilty about the food you throw away at the end of each week.  If this is you?  We have a solution for you.

This is for you if you are serious about taking steps to make meals you want to make.  It’s a step by step process in one single guide that will act as a reference for your meal planning going forward.  It’s designed to help you deep dive into your personal eating habits and explore your current ways of thinking and doing things.  And understanding how these choices are leading to the results you have.  It’s not designed to be a quick fix.  It is designed to be life-changing.  



  • A full colour workbook (hard copy) designed to be like having a health coach, food organising coach and meal planner in one workbook.
  • You will create a healthy eating goal for 4 weeks.
  • And then assess where you are right now and why you are getting stuck.  We evaluate each obstacle and show you how to problem solve for each obstacle.
  • We then break down your plan until it is so easy to do.
  • We also work on your thoughts about your goal, your eating habits, your food organisation, shopping habits and meal planning.

ASK A COACH - You have access to a health coach 5 days a week for the 4 weeks via VOXER to ask ANY QUESTIONS FOR COACHING OR SUPPORT AS YOU GO THROUGH THE WORKBOOK (Voice Message + Text). 

  • You will practice implementing the plan and have the opportunity to come to “ask a coach” to ask any question to our health coach about your health goal, action plan, any challenges you are facing and any places you are getting stuck with the plan.   ideas around eating and how to reach your goal available 5 days a week. 
  • It’s totally doable.  And if you are ready to carve our 4 weeks of your time to intentionally work towards reaching your healthy eating goals. JOIN BY THE 8TH SEPTEMBER 2021.  

You will receive your workbook in the post.  (So please add the correct address you would like us to send it to.  Please also add the correct email address where we will send details of the course).